A critical component of Boxing Australia’s core business are our development programs and areas. This is the grass-roots of our sport. Development plays a vital role in encouraging participants to learn and enjoy boxing.

Regardless of a participants gender, age or experience their is always a role to play in our sport. The roles can vary from being an active competitor in either competition boxing or our low-contact participation program Box’Tag. If competing doesn’t take your fancy, there are other voluntary and official roles.

Regardless of what your interest and skill-set in boxing is, there will always be an active role for you to play.

For more information contact your local Member Association.

As a boxer the most important person is a coach. It is recommended that you join a Boxing Australia club. Yout will be required to become a member of a Boxing Australia State or Territory.
The coach will then train you until they think your ready to compete.

This is simple. Click on your relevant state/territories website and go to 'clubs'.
You should make contact with the club and meet the relevant coaches before joining to ensure each parties expectations are clear.

At the start of each calendar year, each State or Territory has a registration day. The costs vary for each State/Territory, but the process is similar.
Reach out to your Member Association for more details.

It varies in each State or Territory. Most will have a mutual match-maker that will look at the age, record and experience. Your coach will ultimately decide on whether you get matched up or not.