Coaching plays an important role within the sport of boxing. It is a critical component to ensure the participant has a positive learning experience. Boxing Australia requires all coaches be accredited at the appropriate level and continue to develop themselves throughout their coaching participation.

For more information on coach pathway, how to become a coach, current coaches and coach course presenters please refer to the below links.

All coaches are to undertake the mandatory approved courses by Boxing Australia through your relevant Member Association. 
Please contact your State or Territory for upcoming courses. 


Coaching is an art and it takes a long time to gather the knowledge and experience. A Boxing Australia Coaching Course will give you all the necessary education. From there find a mentor, and start to learn the art. Coaches like boxers need to be registered with their State or Territory.

No! A coach cannot corner a boxer unless they have an appropriate level of accreditation from a course conducted and approved by Boxing Australia and is also a registered member of your relevant Member Association.

Coaches that have a professional licence are able to corner amatuer boxers at Boxing Australia approved and sanctioned events, as long as you hold a current Boxing Australia approved coaching accreditation and are registered with your Member Association.