Athlete Categorisation


In delivering the National High-Performance Sports Strategy (NHPSS), Athlete Categorisation is used to identify, track, and prioritise athletes at each stage of the Performance Pathway, to support Australia consistently winning medals at major international events (inc. Olympic, World Championship and Commonwealth Games level). Athlete Categorisation will be used by the National Institute Network (NIN) and National Sporting Organisations (NSOs) to inform planning and to prioritise support to best achieve system targets.

The Combat Institute of Australia (CombatAUS), in collaboration with Boxing Australia (BAL) and the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), has developed a sport-specific matrix that defines each of the six categorisation levels for the sport of Boxing in Australia. The AIS Performance Pathways Team have assisted to develop appropriate sport-specific identification, confirmation and development profiling and assessments for each level. This matrix is agreed in advance of athlete nominations as part of the planning process for the next benchmark event cycle. Please see here the Athlete Categorisation Guidelines (2021 - 2024) for boxing.

Boxing athletes will be categorised annually in the final quarter of each calendar year, against the sport-specific matrix, in line with an agreed annual review process led by CombatAUS, in collaboration with the BAL Performance Pathways Program. In 2022 a mid-year Categorisation review will occur given the lack of domestic and international activity that has been possible over the past two years, with the list of Categorised athletes to be updated and communicated accordingly.

Athlete Categorisation Guidelines (2021 - 2024)

Categorised Athletes