Referees, Judges and Officials are an important component of amateur boxing. They play a significant role in the conducting of competition bouts and tournaments. They are there to provide the boxer with a fair and equittable experience by enforcing the rules and the spirit of fair play

Boxing heavily relies on a number of officials to conduct a bout. This can range from Referees and Judges to Timekeepers and Gloving Stewards. At larger tournaments it can include Competition Manager, Competition Jury and an Official Anouncer. All officials play a major role in the effectiveness and efficiency of a bout/tournament.

Becoming a new judge/referee

Great Australian amateur boxers deserve great Australian judges and referees.

Any adult (male or female) can undertake a short course and practical training sessions to develop the skill of judging amateur boxing bouts. After supervised practice at several tournaments, you can become a judge for tournaments in your state/territory. Opportunities for progression to Australian are readily available.

Those with suitable mobility/fitness who wish to train as referees can do so after they have been judging for a modest period of time.

Boxing Australia has implemented a new Accreditation Pathway for judges and referees. At state level this is in place from end February 2009, and at national level it applied at and from the November 2008 Australian Championships. You can download a flowchart version of the judge pathway and the referee pathway – these charts visually explain the process for becoming an RJ.

The New RJ Seminar content is available in PDF format for judges here.

Intending RJ candidates need to meet the criteria outlined in the accreditation pathway, and any nomination for Australian R/J examination must be accompanied by a certification from the State/territory R&J Coordinator verifying that the candidate meets the criteria.

RJ Data Collection form

New RJ needing  to be issued with their RJ Record Book should submit their details to BAI’s RJ Committee, via their state/territory RJ Coordinator. The form you should fill in is provided here in PDF format. Note that you need to submit a passport-style photograph as well.

Maintaining your existing accreditation

Referees and Judges who are already accredited need to do an annual refresher seminar. This has been standard practice for many years in most places, but from 2009 Boxing Australia is using a standardised format and content to ensure each RJ has access to the same information irrespective of where they live.

Member Association RJ Coordinators

Name Role Email
Wayne Rose Boxing Australia RJ Coordinator
Shane Oset Boxing ACT RJ Coordinator
Andrew Lazich Boxing Australia (NSW) RJ Coordinator
Moses Mbemap Boxing NT RJ Coordinator
Michelle Horn Boxing Queensland RJ Coordinator
Greg Cooper Boxing SA Delegate RJ Coordinator
Gary Cooper Boxing Tasmania Delegate RJ Coordinator
Chris Everard Boxing Victoria Delegate RJ Coordinator
Derek Avia Boxing WA Delegate RJ Coordinator


Oceania Refereeing & Judging Webinars

Judges Webinar

Referee Webinar

*The content of these Zoom webinars are aligned with International teachings, however, there are nuances within the BAL Regulations that relate to Australian situations and therefore, the Regulations also need to be consulted.