Whilst we continue to adhere to our own Regulations in relation to concussion (with Sport Australia acknowledging that adherence and recognising the reasons for it), Boxing Australia supports the thrust of the Concussion in Sport Australia Position Statement.

Boxing Australia, together with the AIS, has developed an educational flyer to help people identify the signs and symptoms of concussion. Accurate identification of concussion plays a crucial role in protecting the health and welfare of athletes.

Print out the Concussion Symptoms Flyer (attached at the bottom of the page) and hang it in your local gym so everyone you train with can properly identify when someone is concussed.


Below are a series of Concussion resources developed by Sport Australia:

¨ 45 second animation that captures the critical elements of concussion management

¨ Facebook GIF

¨ Instagram GIF

¨Videos for athletes, parents and teachers, coaches and support staff, and medical practitioners

¨ Learning modules for medical practitioners and coaches and support staff.



This section of the concussion framework outlines exactly what is needed from an athlete, post knockout, to enter back into a fight or tournament. The return to boxing process is based off Appendix 18: Returning to competitive boxing and to sparring after injury

If you are an athlete, please read the Boxer's Guide Following a KO or an RSC before progressing further in the concussion framework.

If you are a Competition Supervisor please read the Competition Supervisor's Guide before progressing further in the concussion framework.

Before filling out the relevant medical clearance forms please read the Return to Boxing Process document clearly outlining the required steps involved in an athlete gaining medical clearance. For a more visual perspective at the clearance process please read the return to Boxing Process Flow Chart.

If an athlete has been concussed, EACH of the following 4 forms MUST be completed A, B, C, D. If all the forms are not filled out, or, are filled out incorrectly, the medical clearance process will take longer to be approved.

Additional Return to Boxing Resources:

Ringside Doctor's Guide

Secretary's Guide

Files available for download