The Combat Institute of Australia (CombatAUS) is responsible for managing the elite national High Performance programs for Boxing, Judo and Taekwondo. This innovative and collaborative approach delivers enhanced High Performance outcomes for all three sports by ensuring a dedicated High Performance focus, more secure funding and access to a greater range of performance support services, combined with a stronger collective voice across the industry. This is a sport-led approach, delivering a sport-owned model.

CombatAUS is jointly owned by the National Sporting Organisations (NSOs): Boxing Australia, Judo Australia, and Australian Taekwondo. These Member Sports retain strong links to the new entity through ongoing input into how the entity functions, its overall strategy and by continuing to lead the delivery of underpinning Performance Pathways programs. All Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) High Performance combat sport investment goes directly to CombatAUS, rather than to the NSOs as previously occurred.