Welcome to the Coaches Corner. Here you will find online resources aimed at developing both coaches and athletes. We encourage coach and athletes of all abilities to use the resources to aid in their own personal development.

Technical/Tactical Skills Videos

Head Coach Kevin Smith has created a suite of technical/tactical compilation videoes of some of the world's best boxers displaying specific skills in competition. Each video covers a specific boxing technique or tactic and can be used by coaches and athletes to improve their knowledge and understanding. 

Click the icons below to head to access the video database.

Tactical Skills Videos Technical Skills Videos


Athlete Development Videos

This series of videos covers a more advanced approach to international competition, a stronger focus is placed on the tactical decisions an athlete makes when competing on the world stage. 

Anchor Kick It Outer Ring Outside Probe Zig Zag



Boxer Performance Assessment Tool

The Boxing Performance Assessment Tool is a performance analysis framework that provides objective visual feedback to inform athletes and coaches on technique and/or training improvements. This framework is to be used in conjunction with a recorded bout. 

Use a video camera or phone to record your next bout/spar then analyse it using the Performance Assessment Tool. 

Performance Assessment Tool

These resources and more are delivered to coaches and athletes attending National Camps at the Australian Institute of Sport.