2024 Paris Olympic Games

Published Mon 06 May 2024

2024 Paris Olympics - Boxing team

A team who has already achieved so much. Australia's largest Olympic boxing team size, equal balance and diverse backgrounds. 


Boxers State    Weight              Boxers State    Weight
Monique Suraci ACT W50kg   Yusuf Chothia WA M51kg
Tiana Echegaray NSW W54kg   Charlie Senior WA M57kg
Tina Rahimi NSW W57kg   Harry Garside VIC M63.5kg
Tyla McDonald VIC W60kg   Shannan Davey QLD M71kg
Marissa Williamson Pohlman    VIC W66kg   Callum Peters SA M80kg
Caitlin Parker VIC W75kg   Teremoana Teremoana    QLD M92+kg
Coaching Staff State Role        
Santiago Nieva - Head Coach        
Marcos Amado VIC Coach        
Shara Romer QLD Coach        


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